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Denis Waitley, Ph.D.

"Teri coaches and trains others in accelerating the change they want in their lives and living. From churches to conference rooms, her message of principled passion and purpose empowers others to embrace excellence. Experiencing Teri's coaching and speaking is truly transformational.

-Dr. Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley, Ph.D.

-Dr. Denis Waitley"Seeds of Greatness Family Enrichment Program"

"The Psychology of Winning"

Tim Brown - NFL Legend

NFL Legend - Tim Brown

"If you are tired of seminars and books that tell "you can do it" with no ream game-plan for your life or the lessons you need to learn; then "Train Wreck to Triumph"...a workbook turning derailments into destiny, is the book for you. I have worked with the Author, Teri Werner and have watched her both live and walk in excellence due to the healing and transformation she discovered in the principles given in this book. I emphatically encourage you to implement the principle Teri shares in this book, as they will achieve outstanding and long-term personal growth; creating breakthroughs, healing, and excellence from the inside out. You will experience that which creates the successful outcomes in life and business we all deserve."

-Tim Brown

Hiesman Trophy Winner

Nicki Keohohou, CEO, Direct Selling Women's Alliance

"Many allow a time of personal or professional "train wreck" to derail and ultimately delay them from reaching their true destiny...living a life in the fullness of their promise. I watched Teri walk through such a train wreck using spiritual principles and now you benefit from the truths she shares in her book, "Train Wreck to Triumph...a workbook turning derailment into destiny".
The principles of empowerment Teri shares which she 'walked-out' during her personal time of trauma, are invaluable to anyone committed to turning their trauma (or train wreck) into triumph, a place of wholeness and healing.Teri is a DSWA Accredited Coach and DSWA Certified Trainer "    

Denis Waitley, Ph.D.

-Nicki Keohohou

Fran Harris, America's InPowerment Expert

America's InPowerment Expert - Fran Harris

"Teri Werner's book, " Train Wreck to Triumph" should be required reading for anyone on a path to greater truth and prosperity. If you desire to 'walk in excellence', follow Teri's heart-centered example and you will be well on your way to a life bursting with new levels of love, passion and possibility."

-Fran Harris

Author of "The Intentional Millionaire: Winning The Wealth Game With Spirit"

Leadership and Motivational Icon, Charlie Tremendous Jones

My Dear Teri,

"I had to call you and now write you for your CD DESPERATE FOR DESTINY. Your humor, warmth, humility and love make it one of the most refreshing messages I have ever heard. I'm listening to it again and hope to share it with my family and friends. I look forward to joining you in one of your radio programs! "

-Charlie Tremendous Jones
CEO of Executive Books.com and Life Management Services, Inc.

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