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It has been said that "The level of success of the outcomes in your life is directly relative to the courage of the questions you ask". This is the power of Coaching.

As a Transformational Life and Business Coach, I am honored to see accelerated life-changing results as I coach professionals in transforming their life and business through embracing powerful principles in our coaching sessions.

These principles address core values; creating clarity and insights while disrupting unproductive patterns and activating that which serves you on a higher level. Ultimately synergies, strategies and structures are realized which bring forward measurable changes in all areas of their life and business.

Every area of our world cries out for leadership of vision and value; and exposing these to your world is the key to having the level of impact you desire. Transformational Coaching will greatly influence how you lead, how you live and impact the legacy you leave. Life is filled with choices. The right coach at the right time in your life and business is the very best choice you will make.

NOW Is Always The Right Time To Get The Change of Your Life!

Train Wreck to Triumph - E-Book & Coaching

In this quick read, Teri provides a powerful workbook, sharing insights that have brought her through the tough times of life, and helped her create her own "Culture of Excellence".

Learn time-tested truths that will turn your trauma into triumph, and your dilemna into destiny!  Testimonials confirm you will find empowerment through tough times to move from being "thrown off track" to "making and tracks"; and moving forward to a life of triumph! Now in Convenient E-Book Format.

C-Level Coaching : Accelerate your corporate or personal success as you learn how effective leaders are increasing retention, creating loyalty, empowering team members and communicating for greater results. Contact Teri to discuss the coaching experience.

Train Wreck to Triumph E-book - $10.00

4-Coaching Sessions - $400.00

8-Coaching Sessions - $800.00

4- C-Level Coaching - $1,500.00

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